Hi! Welcome to my website. Thanks for stopping by. Please be advised that this site contains adult content and that
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    For those of you over the age of 18 please feel free to look around. Enjoy the forums and the other things I have added for your viewing pleasure. I welcome emails from my readers, but please be aware that hate mail will probably be read, shown to friends and snickered over.

    The name Theolyn Boese is a pen name with a bit of history behind it. Theolyn, pronounced Thay-o-lyn, is my great grandmothers middle name on my mothers side of the family. The closest we've come to finding a definition is "divine lightning" or "power/ruler of the lake/pool/waterfall." It is Old English, but mom's family is from Norway. Boese, pronounced Bay-zee, is my grandmothers maiden name on my fathers side. Dad's family is a tad more colorful. They are from Germany and his grandfather told him that one of the definitions is 'bad'. *grin* From the stories I've heard over the years it is very fitting.

    I live in Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. I started writing when I was in the fourth grade. I was taking special education courses to help me with my dyslexia when my primary teacher decided to have a talented and gifted class for poetry. My S.E. teacher thought it would be good for me and stuck me in it as well. It surprised everyone, including myself, when I took off with it. I've been writing ever since.

    I have a Border Collie named Fuzzbutt, two cats, Goblyn and Wisp and assorted freshwater snails and guppies.

This photo was taken at the Vampire Masquerade Ball, Portland OR, June 2006.
For more information about the ball please visit www.vampireballpdx.com

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